Maria de Duenas Lopez (ES): Functional Body

The class focuses on creating the skills and tools for the development of functional movement.

Maria de Duenas Lopez foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


In the course we are to put attention to the use of momentum as an organic principal allowing new movements to arise on the basis of the previous movement's potentials.
We are to do so by inter-aligning and integrating different body parts within the whole body, and a use of weight providing an intelligent and economic movement generation in order to save energy and control the necessary amount of strength needed.
Questions and thoughts underpinning the class:
What is the relationship between body and gravity?
How can we use this principle as a movement generator?
How the entire body structure works together in a natural, organic and efficient way?
How do the body and mind sensations relate in order to allow us to be here and experience ourselves in the present moment and present space?
These principals must be present through playfulness and joy. Thus the fundamental proposition of the work has to be connected to the experience of movement through our body, which is always to be related to joy and pleasure, oppose to restlessness and pain.
Procedures: I will propose the modes of movement execution, movement sequences and bodywork exercises. There will, as well, be space for the self-exploration and research guided by diverse and plural tasks.
Factors: I consider my class a space for observation and self-observation, sensing, feeling, experiencing, exchange, and confrontation of habits in an enjoyable process.
This class is the result of my personal interest and research in my dance work.


Degree of Contemporary Dance by SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) 2010.
Diploma of Professional Dance in Contemporary dance speciality by the Royal Conservatorie of Dance from Madrid.
Ballet at Victor Ullate Dance School (Comunity of Madrid Ballet) 1993-2002
Graduate of Social Education by Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Studies in psychoballet pedagogy (dance apply to handicap people).
At the moment she is collaborating as guess artist in two year research-projects of M.A. program Dance Dissemination of Hochschule für music und tanz Köln.
She is collaborator of Sayaka Akitsu in project “The Blind Piece” (P.A.R.T.S. Summer Studios 2014). She develops the project "I see the problem, Not the Solution" with Ivan Mijacevic and Gasper Piano which was double awarded in 28ºCertamen Coreográfico de Madrid.
She has worked in different choreographers productions:
Canan Erek (Leipzig Staadt Theater) Berlin 2013. “Real Poses”.Beyond Fronta International project. Vania Gala.“Cooling Down signs” 2013 
Between march 2011 and december 2012 she has been regular member of Toula Limnaios Company(Berlin).
For Dansmakers production at Cadance festival(Neetherlands)2011. “The living network”. Dorit Weintal. 
Summer Szene Dance Salzburg Festival. “Outdoor”. Diego Gil. “It´s only a solo number 2”. Liat Waysbort.2010. Symphonic Dance. “While listening to Bach”. Anna Mcrae. “ Las chicas Almodóvar” Douglas Jung, 2010.
In Spain she worked with José Reches&dancers laboratory and Pedro Berdayes.


SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A




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