dr. Bojana Kunst: Artist at work: new relations?

talk about the book Artist at work​: ​the ​relation of connectivity by Bojana Kunst

dr. Bojana Kunst foto/photo by: Jutta Brueker


In times of austerity measures and returning of debts a work by Bojana Kunst, PhD, entitled Artist at work turns a neoliberal perspective upside down: art does not have to prove its social significance and usefulness, but it has to look once again for its material base and occupy exactly the abstractions that ensure maintaining of the system and reproduction of capital. The power of art is in connecting possibilities of abstract (thinking) with actual abstractions (value, capital, productivity, money, goods, time, etc.). In a talk about her book Artist at work​ (Maska, 2012), ​the ​relation of connectivity will be expanded and discussed by the author herself, Bojana Kunst, full professor at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, Justus Liebig University in Giessen and Vladimir Vidmar, artistic director at ŠKUC Gallery.


Bojana Kunst, PhD, is a philosopher, dramatist and theoretician of the contemporary performing arts. She is a full professor at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany, where she took the international masters study of Choreography and Performance in 2012.  She is the author of several books and the editor of monographs including Višnje V Čokoladi, Nemogoče Telo, Nevarne Povezave, Sodobne Scenske Umetnosti (co-editor with Petra Pogorevc), Performance and Labour and the latest publication Umetnik Na Delu – aimed primarily at the affirmation of art practices – which, through reflections on the conditions and status of an artist's work reveals dangerous connections between capital speculations and an artistic lifestyle


Organization: ŠKUC, Emanat
In collaboration with PSEGSL, Practicum for Contemporary Dance Art
Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality Ljubljana

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