Barbara Kanc

plesalka, performerka, plesna pedagoginja, facilitatorka

Barbara Kanc arhiv/archive: Barbara Kanc

Barbara Kanc graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, Great Britain, after completing secondary level contemporary dance education at the pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana. After graduation, Barbara took part in different performing art and visual-performative projects, internationally and in Slovenia, where she currently lives and works.
As a dancer and performer, she collaborated with Matjaž Farič, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Maja Delak, Mala Kline, Iztok Kovač, Katja Legin… Her work, however, was focused on performative/movement/sound installations, created in tandem with Metod Blejc, as well as with sound artist Rie Nakajima and photographer Marie Roux.
Since 2010, she is active as a pedagogue of creative dance and contemporary dance for children and youth. She mentors children in their dance performances and miniatures, which are presented at dance shows and at the dance competition for youth Opus. She taught at the Laško-Radeče Music School. Presently, she gives dance workshops for children at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Španski borci Culture Centre, and occasionally at Škuc Gallery.
She is attentive to little, almost unnoticeable things and slow presence. In her work, she thus focuses on the presence or absence of these tiny, minute details.


2014 De Arte Saltandi and Labirinti (as co-author)
2012 – No!training Lab, research performance project, conducted by Katja Legin
2010 – 2014 Performances for  and with children: Plesni potep v svet umetnosti, V zvezde!, Ponesi me na…, v soavtorstvu s Špelo Medved – Zmes za srečo, v soavtorstvu s Ajo Zupanec in Kim Kern – Mi smo vsi za na Luno
2007 – 2011 Waitings (performance actions)
2010 How Art Affects Kiwis in Relation to a Global Change? (co-author: Metod Blejec)
2009 Yah eht ni eldeen / Revisited (movement-sound installation)
2009 Space and Time – going (through) to somewhere same (installation)
2009 Mind your Dust (installation) 
2008 7 Peacings,(sound installation)
2008 Pencil&Paper (interactive sound installation in co-operation with Metod Blejec and Marie Roux)
2007 Yah eht ni eldeen (movement-sound installation) 
2007 Keep Left (installation, co-author Metod Blejec)
2007 Torej, kako se začne? (intermedia project, co-authors: Rie Nakajima, Marie Roux and Metod Blejec)
2006 4-3 (performance action, co-author Metod Blejec)
2005 Slike podobnih (dance performance, co-author Katja Legin)