David Hernandez (US/BE): Technique class ‘ Movercraft’ and repertory of Sketches of Scarlatti

training of the body to express through movement in a detailed and precise way

David Hernandez: Skice po Scarlattiju / Sketches of Scarlatti arhiv/archive D. Hernandez


"I am interested in movement and training the body and to express through movement in a detailed and precise way, but without the loss of the individual expression. I am developing an approach to dance technique and movement vocabulary that embraces physicality, craft and approaches the body as an instrument. The class is highly physical with an emphasis on detail. We concentrate on establishing a clear, efficient body alignment as a base to move from while making gravity our partner through discovering the notion of falling and redirected weight. There is an exposure to very specific, dynamic movement vocabulary that concentrates on moving weight, density and texture and the musicality of physical material. 

All parts of the body are used to gesture, often playing against each other like contrapuntal melody lines. The form is clear and provides a partition in which the dancers can challenge themselves against its rigor while finding a personal approach to the material. Each individual and individual body is different, therefore the material must be translated by each person in their own unique way while honing and crafting the material on their particular body. The class gives the keys to do this while providing tools and skills useable in other styles of work as well."


Workshop was iniciated and organized in collaboration with KC Španski borci, where David Hernandez performed.


SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A


You can appy on:
Goran Pakozdi, 
040 463 762 / goran.pakozdi@en-knap.com

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