Sara Janašković

dancer and performer

Sara Janošković foto/photo: Nada Žgank

Sara Janašković (1995) is a dancer and performer. She started her dance education at the theatre secondary school in Nova Gorica, but later transferred to SVŠGL, programme contemporary dance, where she graduated in 2015. In her 3rd year, she was part of the international school production In Another Place by choreographer and pedagogue Maja Delak. In her final year, she presented her graduation solo No Concept under the mentorship of Sinja Ožbolt, which has positioned her as a promising young maker. In 2015/2016 she collaborated with choreographer Sinja Ožbolt in her performance Welfare to the Nation and with tandem Kitch in the performance The Oath. In 2015 she presented her short performance Couldn't Have It Any Other Way, produced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana in the frame of the activities of the MedUkrep – Festival of Dance Perspectives.