Ingrid Berger Myhre: Blanks

dance performance
Plesni in gledališki center, SVŠGL, Ljubljana, SI

how we read and project meaning onto things, situations or people through subtle plot twists that leave you to fill in the blanks

Kamizdat Rentgen: Dodecahedragraph

series of club concert events
Klub Channel Zero, Ljubljana, SI

Dodecahedragraph presents new release 'Mixtures and leftovers', evening highlights include also Lifecutter, Gašper Torkar and VJ 5237

Kamizdat Rentgen: Entropy

series of club concert events
Pritličje, Ljubljana, SI

Luka Prinčič presents Entropy EP, supported by Gašper Torkar and VJ 5237

Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik: Moved by voice

composition for the voice and the body
Stara mestna elektrarna Elektro Ljubljana, SI

a continuation of her exploration of the relations between the body, voice and (physical, intimate, social, symbolic, spiritual) space

Jan Rozman: ƒ(being)

Studio14, Uferstudios, Berlin, DE

performance_recombinant_ ant&of_artyficial&rec &bin%%y!artifi cial((laboratory)) and=theatre//for .imagination.mutation.and=love_rur=if(what) {thefunkom.youdo _something}_else ?enabled <cggtgctgtgax>?human. omg/gmo.children{do+ somethingfractal }r.u.,crisp,r.clorofile_process#.

Luka Prinčič: Interface Fractures V

audio-visual performance
Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana, SI

an immersive situation in the darkness of the cinema, the use of digital and open source tools for generating image and sound