Talk no. 15: Tanja Zgonc & Magdalena Germek

series of disscusion of choreographic praxis
Pritličje, Ljubljana, SI

About Breathing Thought Let’s begin with the most difficult questions: what is butoh? – For me, this is not the most difficult question. On the contrary, it is the simplest. Butoh is butoh. - From a talk with Tanja Zgonc Butoh is an art form that has its origins in Japan in the 1950s. It was part of a very radical postwar movement that resisted traditional values in art as well as in society as a whole, attempting to break down some deeply seated cultural taboos. During the ...

Irena Tomažin (SI): Voice workshop (2017)

voice workshop
Studio 103 / Emanat, Ljubljana, SI

in the May-June cycle of the workshop, we will work more thoroughly on the interpretation of text and on specific songs

Talk no. 14: Mala Kline & Nika Arhar

series of disscusion of choreographic praxis
Pritličje, Ljubljana, SI

emergence of potentiality and new worlds through dreaming, tuning in, contemplation, and accepting experience

Henry Montes (UK): Contemporary class

dance technique
SVŠGL - PGC, plesna dvorana, Ljubljana, SI

attuning ourselves to our internal environment and how space externally is a continuum of our breath and support

Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik (SI):

SVŠGL - PGC, plesna dvorana, Ljubljana, SI

About We will begin the workshop by moving to warm up, tune the body with/in the space, strengthen the focus, and establish a moving relation with other participants. We will continue by executing and further expanding the tasks I started developing in the process of the three-partite project Duration. Each workshop will focus on one task, as we will work with one specific score. Biography Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik is a choreographer and a teaching artist. She concepted and created many ...