Leon Marič: Pozvačin (working title)


Foto: Iz osebnega arhiva umetnika / Photo: From the artist’s personal archive

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  2. , Plesni teater Ljubljana, SI


Leon Marič’s dance debut explores the author’s entanglement in the dichotomy between the urban club scene and rural customs and rituals. The starting point is the figure of the “Prekmurje pozvačin”, a summoner whose job it is to invite guests to a wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. The project emphasises the importance of respecting and preserving one's own cultural heritage while celebrating the freedom of individual expression. Rituals and performances are key elements of queer night culture as they allow people to express their identity, build communities and promote social acceptance of diversity.


Concept and performance: Leon Marič
Music: Blaž Pavlica
Advising: Maja Delak and Nataša Živković
Scenography: Tomislav Krnač
Costume design: Jan Brovč, Marija Marič
Light design: Urška Vohar
Technical director: Aljaž Zaletel
Photo documentation:  Marijo Zupanov
Graphic design: Matic Brinc
Translation and editing: Katja Kosi
Executive producer: Sabrina Železnik
Organisation support: Tamara Pepelnik


Production: Emanat
Coproduction: Plesni Teater Ljubljana
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and City of Ljubljana, Culture Department
Special thanks: Preschool Education, Grammar and Performing Arts Grammar School Ljubljana