Sol Picó (ES): Master class

for experienced classical, contemporary and show dance dancers

Sol Pico foto/photo by: Oscar de Paz


Sol Picó is a Professional Contemporary Dance Company, founded in 1994 by the dancer and choreographer Sol Picó. Her work can be classified as a mixture of genres and style-lines. Her matured technique is based on a clash of energy, dynamics and accuracy and complements her organic creations. Humor is always one of her allies. 


Sol Picó graduates in Spanish and Classical dance at the Oscar Espla Conservatory, Alicante, Spain and studied Limon, Graham and Cunningham contemporary techniques. She is working as a soloist dancer, actress and choreographer and has performed at many events and festivals around in Europe (mostly Spain, Italy and France, but also in England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Croatia etc). Outside Europe she has performed in Cuba, Brazil, and in New York. She created many successful performances: Planeta Basura, Besame el Cactus, La Dona Manca, Paella Mixta, La Divadivina, La Prima de Chita, Sirena a la Plancha,…. and received numerous awards for her work. From 1990 up to the present she has collaborated with Rayo Malayo, Los Rinos, Sigfrid Monleon, Joan Pueyo, La Fura del Baus, La Danaus, Juan Lopez, Joan Olle and Carma Portaceli.

Practical informations

When and where

Master class 15. 10. (10 am - 11.30 am) - Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana


Application and additional information: (Please enclose short CV and your contact.)

The number of master class attendees is limited.

Application fee

Master class is free of charge, but applications are obligatory.


Organization: Emanat and City of Women

Financially supported by: City Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture RS


SOL PICÓ at City of Women Festival: performance El Llac de les Mosques - 15th of October at 8pm - Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

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