Leja Jurišić (SI): Performing States

The purpose of the workshop is to analyze, detect, recognize and feel personal movement or dance patterns and principles so that they can be broken through, bypassed and upgraded.

Leja Jurišić: Balet upora foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


Through given tasks we will look for at least one, for personal stage practice new and clear physical or emotional state (or clear movement principle). This will be called the basic material. We will seek authenticity – the way of moving that originates from/out of the participant - an original and genuine physical states. We will be interested in states and principles that communicate outwards.
After we create the basic material, we will explore methods of getting in and out and identifying the moments in the basic material that happen accidentally during the improvisational tasks. We will also try to understand or feel entering and exiting  the basic material as a physical action or an emotional state. We will try to remember when, why and where from we entered and what happened after we exited.
Our work space will be divided into two parts:
1. stage: stage - performing space / space where we communicate with the (fictional) audience
2. off stage: backstage - private space / room where there is no need to communicate or where communication is a matter of choice

We will try to identify the differences and points of contact of these two spaces. What movement, what thoughts, what movement principles, what emotional states are in one and the other space. We will try to detect the distance between what I think I am and what others 'see' in particular moment, the distance between where I am and where I want to be. Do I really communicate what I think I communicate with the world (the audience)?
The basic materials are usually rather extreme physical conditions - depending on past experience -  so it is advised to enter the workshop already warmed up. We will warm up together at the beginning of the class for about 10 minutes nevertheless. After the workshop it is recommended to do some individual stretching. The success of the work can be achieved by maximizing the engagement of the participants,  but it is of course imperative that each person works at their best  ability and according to their level of knowledge. The workshop is intended for professionals and semi-professionals, but also for very enthusiastic amateurs who are involved in dance or theater.


Leja Jurišić is a choreographer and a dancer, with a degree in Science of Law. She started her physical journey in sports gymnastics and won a Yugoslav national championship in 1991. She works in the field of contemporary dance as a solo artist, in duets (Teja Reba, Petra Veber, Matej Kejžar,...) and as a choreographer in theater performances. As a dancer and performer she collaborates with internationally praised names of contemporary (dance) theater (Tim Etchells/Forced Entertainment, Meg Stuart). With her performances she participates in many Slovene and international festivals. She receives Ksenija Hribar award for perspective choreographers (together with Teja Reba).


SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A


Card for 10 visits: 50 € (the card is valid for the school year)
The manner in which the tuition shall be paid will be communicated to your e-mail praktikum.svsgl@gmail.com upon application.

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